that's how you measure the Headsize

C L O S I N G S:

Collars with buckle:

The sizes are measured from end of the buckle to the 1. and 4. hole.

the buckle is available in gold- and silvercolour. We are choosing the colour of buckle that it matches to the collars colours.Except you tell us what colour of buckle you like to have.

Pull-Stop closing:

These collars have no opening, You slip it over the head of your dog. Therefore please make sure you measure also the headaroundsize of your dog. The measure of the total lenght of the collar you can count by size of neck plus 8 cm. (Measurement neck 32-35 cm = for necksize 32-35 cm and Headsize 40 cm)

The rings of the closing will be matching the collars colours, silver or gold. But you also can choose your colour of Rings.


The Chain is 13 cm long, You slip it over the head of the dog. Please measure the head- and necksize of the dog and consider that 13 cm long chain.

So if you dog's necksize is maybe 30 cm and you choose in your order "30 cm" the total lenght of the collar will be 43 cm. So it is better to choose a smaller size. Or give us the necksize of your dog and your breed and we will select the right size for you.

If you have any more questions, please contact us.


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