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Afghane - Barsoi - Deerhound - Galgo - Italienisches Windspiel - Greyhound - Saluki - Sloughi - Whippet




 Windhundhalsband, Windhundhalsbänder, Halsband, Halsbänder, Hundepuler, Hundemantel, Dogcollar, Dogcollars, Sighthound, Saluki, Greyhound, Podence, Galgo, Afghane,

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Ledo 200 Ledo 200


Very strong Leathercollar made of strong Saddleleather,
available upholstered and lined with Fleece or soft Leather



- width 5 cm

- Buckle available in Brass or Chrome


- with or without upholstering




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incl. 19 % Tax excl.
1 x 'Ledo 200' order

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